The Day The Dream Died

At the start of the 1980’s, a financially-stricken Chelsea Football Club were knocking around the second tier of English football. An institution with a proud history had gambled on success almost ten years earlier with delusions of building the best stadium in the world and now found itself on the verge of destitution. A successful […]


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No Distance Left To Run

It was at the 40km mark that the pain truly arrived. It had first announced itself after 17km – or 10.5 miles in old money – as I ran through Rotherhithe, my groin at the top of my right leg suddenly screaming at me. Its companion on the right would begin harmonising with it 10km […]

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Sarri-ball needs to adapt to quell the groans growing around Stamford Bridge

After a pleasantly surprising start to the Premier League season, grumbles have become ever more audible around Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s increasingly laboured performances at home have sparked the complaints with the side having struggled to break down opponents in the Premier League since beating Crystal Palace 3-1 at the beginning of November and even that […]

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