About This Blog

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I started bombarding the blogosphere with my thoughts and assertions at the back end of 2011 though with my life getting busier I have somewhat neglected this site while populating others. Nevertheless it seems only right to introduce myself and tell you why I decided to become the latest nobody to throw himself into the internet’s ever-growing morass of unsolicited personal opinion.

My name is Phil and I have been known to offer my point of view on any given subject whether it has been requested or not. Said viewpoints are often – though not always – delivered with a certain amount of vehemence and accompanied by a gentle shower of spittle, which I hope satisfactorily explains the title of this blog.

Over the years many associates of mine have suggested that I share my unedited thoughts with the world via a personal blog though my line of work has largely meant that I have been writing restrained versions of them for my employers – sometimes under my own name but often under a pseudonym. However, circumstances changed and with my long-suffering wife having endured two years of listening to me admonish some bloke on the radio or express disdain for the latest refereeing howler, I decided it was time to give her a well-earned rest and unleash my thoughts on the rest of you instead. The ploy obviously worked as she is now my wife.

As a passionate football fan and season ticket holder at Chelsea Football Club, the vast majority of posts will inevitably be about the ‘Beautiful Game’ in general and West London’s premier club in particular, but – as I am an all-round sports geek – you should expect some opinions on anything else I have been watching lately. From time to time I may also veer into the arena of current affairs to offer my tuppence worth on the world at large and while I might be slightly less-informed in these areas do not think it will hold me back from offering a sweeping generalisation on the topic.

I hope you enjoy what I write  but even if you don’t – in fact, especially if you don’t – please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section so that I know exactly where I should stick my opinions and what to do with my day job.


Shouty Spitty Phil


P.S – You can also read my opinions on ESPN FC


5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Dear Phil,

    I’m emailing from Don’t Panic, and was just wondering if you could help me out. I was hoping to put a piece of seeded hyperlink up on your website/Facebook page for a competition we’re running for Chelsea FC. We’ve got the new kit to send to you if you help. Plus other stuff depending on the impressions. – I also wondered if you are friendly with other sites who might be interested?

    The grand prize is a once in a lifetime fan experience at Stamford Bridge

    Posting this on your blog, possibly as an advertorial kind of piece(?), would be a fantastic help for us.

    Does that sound like something you might be interested in? Also, how many impressions do you get in a week? We need to get this approved by the club by next week so it would be great if you can get back to me over the coming days.

    Please do let me know what you think – I hope to hear from you soon,




  2. hello Phillie,
    I guess you need a reality check and an appointment with a shrink… seems like you have lost your brains and definitely need some time in a mental asylum.


  3. Hello Phil,

    Big fan of your work and a massive Blue’s fan from America. It’s great being able to read your work every week and feel like a true part of the club from afar! I was fortunate enough to make it over to London for the week and am hoping to make my dream of going to Stamford Bridge for a match a reality. I know they’re playing Arsenal which should be a great match, but I’m finding it hard to find an avenue for tickets. Unfortunately, I’m not a member of the club and it seems like that’s the only way to acquire tickets for a match of this magnitude. I was hoping you might be able to shed any sort of light on how to get a pair of tickets for this match. If all else fails, I was planning on looking for touts at the stadium the day of the match and just paying over face value if necessary. Any words of advice would be most appreciated and once again, great writing, keep it up!




    1. Hi Peter,

      Unfortunately trying to get a ticket foir this match will be extremely difficult given the proximity of the game. As ever there will be touts around hawking tickets near the ground but they will be charging a massive mark up and there is no guarantee that they will be genuine. Social media and chelsea forums might be an avenue.

      https://twitter.com/CFCTickets used to be a good information source for tickets.

      Good luck in your quest and hopefully we aill all be celbrating at the final whistle.




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